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Train the Trainer
Train the Trainer

Corobeus Sports Consultancy runs two Train the Trainer courses that run in conjunction with a Quality Assurance package also delivered by Corobeus Sports Consultancy Ltd.

The purpose of Train the Trainers is so that independent practices or Governing Bodies can utilise their own trained staff to run in-house courses, which are quality assured to HSE and CSC standards.

The course content covers:

  • Tutor presentations (current skills)
  • Health and safety
  • Classroom preparation
    • includes list of items required
  • How to Teach and Microteaching
    • How candidates learn
    • Different teaching and learning styles
    • Dealing with difficult candidates
    • Dealing with candidates with disabilities
  • Lesson Planning
    • Aims and objectives
    • Structuring modules
  • Assessing candidates to set criteria
  • Feedback and critiquing
    • time to assess set demonstrations
  • How to deal with unsuccessful candidates
  • Reflective practice
  • Portfolio Building and CPD
  • Student teaching of first aid contents (assessed)
  • Record keeping and Storage
  • Scenario based teaching

The ideal trainers are those with an existing medical or teaching qualification and with knowledge in the area of first aid application. A certificate in tutoring in sport or a certificate in education are desirable and any tutor going through this train the trainers program should aim to achieve a certificate as above within 1-2 years of qualifying to ensure personal best practice.

To quality to become a Train the Trainer instructor candidate, you first must successfully complete all aspects of the qualification that you wish to teach (regardless of previous knowledge) at the first attempt. You must then successfully complete the 2-day Train the Trainer course program, which is theoretically and practically assessed.

Course assessments:

  • Day one course assessment - first aid knowledge
  • Student teaching
    • a 5-minute presentation on day one on a topic that is not first aid based nor based on their current role
    • a 15-minute presentation on an element of the course they are training to deliver
  • Practical scenario assessment
    • a 15-minute practical demonstration of an element of the first aid course
  • A Train the Trainers written examination - MCQ

Candidates are required to pass all aspects of the course.

Quality Assurance of the above packages includes certifications, log book verification, tutor assessment (every 18-months), follow-up courses and requalification. It also includes manual and course up-dates as required.


The two Train the Trainer courses that CSC run are

Train the Trainer for EFAiS©


Train the Trainer for EMFAiS©

Please note: The successful completion of the courses ensures your tutors are trained to a standard, but it does not purchase the course content and accessories.

A licence for the use of course materials can also be purchased from CSC Ltd. The course materials is inclusive of slides, tutor notes and manuals. These are then updated as part of the QA process.

Alternatively CSC can write a custom made/bespoke course purely for your own use. For further details on any of these packages please contact CSC direct.