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Emergency Medical Management in Individual & Team Sports©

EMMiITS is approved by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (RCSEd) Faculty of Pre Hospital Care (level II)
at Gold level by the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine (ACPSM) 

EMMiITS is a 2-day advanced first aid course focusing on the emergency management in individual and team sport environments. It is aimed at the post graduate clinical practitioner who deals with sports personnel on a regular basis (e.g doctor or therapist). The qualification is recognised for a 3-year period.

EMMiITS will provide successful candidates with a Leader/Refresher/Learner experience.

It is an intensive course that makes no apologies for the depth of content, thus allowing candidates to become a Team Leader on the field-of-play. They will have the confidence and knowledge to manage and direct other health care professionals and ambulance crews in the safe and effective emergency management (pre hospital primary care) as well as co-ordinate extrication from the field of play. EMMiITS will also provide advanced clinical skill knowledge and care that are not present on other first aid courses at the basic and intermediate levels.

The course content covers:

  • Advanced airway management (including airways, oxygen therapy, needle thoracentesis)
  • Roles and Responsibilities - Duties of care
  • CPR and AED
  • A-E Approach and the unconscious casualty
  • Head Injuries and Concussion Management (using the Zurich consensus statement)
  • Spinal board, C-spine control and log roll - supported by video analysis and case studies
  • Shock, wounds and bleeding
  • Fracture management
  • Infectious diseases and training with fever
  • Eye and Dental injuries
  • Chest Injuries
  • Heart conditions including sudden cardiac death
  • Medical conditions that effect the athlete (include asthma diabetes and epilepsy)
  • Workstations that allow maximum practice time on
    • Emergency medicines in sport
    • Emergency extrication (spinal board)
    • Emergency interventions
    • Splintage 
    • Collar application
    • CPR/AED
  • Outdoor moulages that focus on scenarios based on medical emergencies in the sporting environment

EMMiITS does assume a previous level of knowledge and refreshes the skills of basic first aid. It is not the purpose of this course to teach the basics for the first time. The course is complemented by an in-depth course manual, which is required to be read in full prior to attendance at the course to maximise your experience.

At all times candidates must act in the limits of their own professional competence. If you are unsure of what duties you can and cannot perform outside your normal working environment then please apply direct to your professional body or insuring body for advice e.g Health Professional Council (HPC) or General Medical Council (GMC).

EMMiITS is delivered by a faculty of instructors with a variety of clinical experience and expertise. For a course of up to 18 candidates, 6 instructors will be present who range from A&E Consultant, sports medicine doctor, physiotherapist, paramedic to ICU or resuscitation Nurse practitioner. This course is a pure MDT approach and candidates receive a 1:3 ratio of instructor to candidate giving them maximum support and input into this course.

EMMiITS is an advanced course that is both challenging and rewarding. The course includes a pre course MCQ paper and during the 2-days is continually assessed  and ends with formal assessments (written MCQ paper and two practical examinations CPR/AED) and a moulage). All 5 elements are assessed according to an objective marking criteria with an overall passmark of 75%. The emphasis of the marking criteria is towards the key practical delivery skills required in immediate on the field sports trauma management and encourages candidate engagement fully in the learning opportunities. Any candidate who does not achieve the overall required mark across all 5 elements will be deemed to have failed the course. 

EMMiITS Course Program 

Below is the template course program. This can be adjusted to suit the needs and requirements of the organisation or sport and made to be generic or sports specific. 

This is a practical based course that includes an AED certificate alongside a CSC EMMiITS and RCSEd certificate. CSC certificates are valid for 3-years although annual refreshers are highly recommended. AED certification last for 12 months.  

For future course dates or to arrange a course please contact CSC directly.

EMMiITS© Course Program Day ONE

 8.15am Registration with complementary Tea & Coffee

 8.30am Course Welcome & House Keeping

 8.40am Course Purpose & Structure, Faculty Introduction

 8.45am Ice Breaker – Candidate Introduction

 8.55am Essentials of 1st aid/Prioritising your casualties

 9.05am Choking

 9.15am CPR/AED Refresher

 9.45am Primary A-E Approach of the Unconscious patient, levels of response, causes, treatment

10.00am Head Injuries & Concussion Management (Vienna, Prague and Zurich updates), S&S, Treatments & Neuropsychological testing 

10.45am TEA & COFFEE

11.00am Fractures

11.30am Wounds & Bleeding

11.45am Infectious Diseases and Training with Fever

12.15pm Eye & Dental Injuries

12.45pm LUNCH   [Time to practise if you wish!]

 1.30pm Airway Management – with practical elements of airway management, airway adjuncts and Oxygen Therapy

 2.00pm Workstations  - 4gps of 4-5 candidates 

                1.  Airway management 

                2.  CPR/AED 

                3.  Spinal Boarding with Collar application 

                4.  Splintage and Bandaging

 3.20pm TEA BREAK 

 3.35pm Video Scenario Analysis (sports specific where possible)

 4.05pm Change into outdoor clothing for on-field scenarios. Structured practise outside – 6 Groups. With mini-critique at the end of each scenario

                (i) Candidate (1st responder)

                (ii) Patient

                (iii) 2nd Responder

5.15pm Open Forum and Results Pre Course MCQ

5.45pm Close for day

EMMiITS© Course Program Day TWO  

 8.00am     Registration with complementary Tea & Coffee

 8.15am Faculty Demonstration with critique

 8.45am Chest Injuries

 9.15am Shock

 9.45am Heart Conditions and Sudden Cardiac Death 

10.30am TEA & COFFEE & Danish Pastries

10.45am Medical Conditions – Asthma, Diabetes and Epilepsy

11.15am Practical work stations – 4 groups, 25 mins per station

      (i) Emergency Medicines in Sport

      (ii) Emergency Extrication

      (iii) Emergency Interventions

      (iv)     CPR/AED (Examination station – 5 minutes per candidate)

12.55pm LUNCH

Candidates change into outdoor clothing

1.30pm Candidate preparation, procedures and orientation for Examinations

1.35pm MCQ written exam for candidates 1-9 (one hour 60 questions)

Candidates 10-18 practical examinations – requires 6 tutor examiners

2.35pm Break for change over 

2.45pm Candidates 10-18 MCQ written examination 

Candidates 1-9 practical examinations 

3.45pm Tea Break Faculty meeting with written examination marking

4.15pm        Individual course feedback and course feedback form completion

4.45pm        Course close 

4.45pm        Resit Examinations (if required)